A mad scientist, a spiteful two-headed dragon, and a parliament of sorcerers intent on wiping out witchcraft.

The things a modern witch has to put up with to get the job done!

Gosha Armitage never thought she’d turn down a person in need, but some jobs are more trouble than they’re worth. When a firm of sorcerers asks her to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a famous painter, her first instinct is to turn her back and walk away, but with mounting bills and an ex-husband intent on ruining her, she reluctantly takes the case. As the investigation leads her deep into the nightlife of Cheyne Heath and the shocking persecution of gay men by the police for no other reason than daring to be themselves, she uncovers a dark conspiracy that threatens the safety of every living soul in London. Can Gosha evade the Machiavellian sorcerous elite of Britain long enough to find the missing painter and foil the hidden power intent on spreading deadly corruption through the city?

Spellshock is the third installment in The Witch of Cheyne Heath supernatural mystery series from author W. V. Fitz-Simon. If you like drag queens and queer magic, mayhem and intrigue, and witches who refuse to take no for an answer, you’ll love this arch and cozy spellpunk adventure. Buy Spellshock and step into the fabulous, treacherous world of Cheyne Heath today.

Paint It Black

When chaos reigns and an invisible enemy is out to get her, what can a witch rely on?

Only her Doc Martens boots, a switchblade, and ancient magic.

Just when Gosha Armitage is getting the hang of being a witch, everything changes. When spells fail and portents of doom foretell a terrible disaster coming in a matter of days, Gosha suspects the return of a vanished enemy, but no one in the hidden corridors of power will believe her. As the stopwatch ticks down toward the death of thousands and her closest relationships begin to unravel, she must travel beyond the boundary of reality to claim the only prize that will save her. Will Gosha find the enemy’s fortress and reach him in time to stop a tragedy that will hurl the word into endless torment?

Paint it Black is the fourth installment in The Witch of Cheyne Heath supernatural mystery series from author W. V. Fitz-Simon. If you like eldritch landscapes, desperate quests, and witches who aren’t afraid to sacrifice everything for those they hold dear, you’ll love this arch and cozy spellpunk adventure. Buy Paint it Black and step into the mysterious, treacherous world of Cheyne Heath today.

By Dawn, A Witch

A mystical oath, a jealous god, and a young woman trying to make her mother proud.

Deep in the past, before the beginning of history, in a world where a witch’s magic can mean the difference between life and death, a deadly summoning ritual starts a war between celestial beings that will echo across the millennia, and a young woman must play the gods against each other to save herself and become the first modern witch.

By Dawn, A Witch is a 7,000 word novelette set two millennia before Waking the Witch, the first novel in The Witch of Cheyne Heath series. Buy By Dawn, A Witch and step into the deadly and mysterious history of Cheyne Heath today!

Sins of the Poet

Cover of the novella, Sins of the Poet


Sami would do anything for her father, but Darkness comes at a cost no one can afford.

In Junktown, under the jealous eye of the guardian dragon, Tiantur, the Eater of Words, anything can be bought, even ancient magical artifacts. And if they can’t be bought, they can be forged.

Sami is a gifted sorcerer reduced to using her skills as a forger and a mender of the broken magic of Junktown to pay for medicine to keep the malignant Darkness within her father in check. When a powerful trade lord makes her an offer she can’t refuse, her desperation leads her into a world of corrupt sorcerers vying for power, and she is faced with a choice: think of herself and her family, or the fate of the entire Shining Continent.

In a world where magic flows as freely as water, and dragons hunt those greedy enough to acquire more than their share, Darkness is a threat that always lies beneath the surface. Can Sami get the job done and save her father without bringing Darkness and Dragons down upon everyone?

Sins of the Poet is a fast-paced and exciting introduction to the epic fantasy world of The Shining Continent. If you like Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Name of the Wind, complex magic systems and high adventure, you’ll love Sins of the Poet.

The Third Secret


A secret kept for a dozen years, a Darkness that brought the world to its knees, and the only one who can stop it from rising again is a clumsy baker!

Umbo has given up friends, love, and happiness to fulfill his vow to keep safe a young girl found in the depths of a tyrannical sorceress’s workshop, a girl who may hold the secret to the sorceress’s dark magic.

When an unknown power comes searching for the girl after more than a decade of peace, Umbo must learn to trust his intuition, abandon his quiet life, and take up the sword once more to protect her and, possibly, the entire Shining Continent.

What begins as a frantic escape becomes a wild journey through a world where magic has evolved bears, badgers, foxes, and apes into people, and different schools of magic compete for dominance under the jealous eye of guardian dragons.

The Third Secret is the first installment in the 3-part epic fantasy saga of The Shining Continent. If you love complex magic systems and world building in the spirit of Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss, buy The Third Secret and enter a world of strange magic today!