Paint It Black

Series: The Witch of Cheyne Heath #4
Published by: Dedo Press
Release Date: February 8, 2021
Genre: , , , ,
ISBN13: 978-0-9771733-8-9 (eBook)/978-0-9771733-9-6 (paperback)

When chaos reigns and an invisible enemy is out to get her, what can a witch rely on?

Only her Doc Martens boots, a switchblade, and ancient magic.

Just when Gosha Armitage is getting the hang of being a witch, everything changes. When spells fail and portents of doom foretell a terrible disaster coming in a matter of days, Gosha suspects the return of a vanished enemy, but no one in the hidden corridors of power will believe her. As the stopwatch ticks down toward the death of thousands and her closest relationships begin to unravel, she must travel beyond the boundary of reality to claim the only prize that will save her. Will Gosha find the enemy’s fortress and reach him in time to stop a tragedy that will hurl the word into endless torment?

Paint it Black is the fourth installment in The Witch of Cheyne Heath supernatural mystery series from author W. V. Fitz-Simon. If you like eldritch landscapes, desperate quests, and witches who aren’t afraid to sacrifice everything for those they hold dear, you’ll love this arch and cozy spellpunk adventure. Buy Paint it Black and step into the mysterious, treacherous world of Cheyne Heath today.

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