Sins of the Poet

Cover of the novella, Sins of the PoetSeries:
Published by: Dedo Press
Release Date: May 15th, 2022
Genre: , , ,
ISBN13: 979-8-9862732-0-4


Sami would do anything for her father, but Darkness comes at a cost no one can afford.

In Junktown, under the jealous eye of the guardian dragon, Tiantur, the Eater of Words, anything can be bought, even ancient magical artifacts. And if they can’t be bought, they can be forged.

Sami is a gifted sorcerer reduced to using her skills as a forger and a mender of the broken magic of Junktown to pay for medicine to keep the malignant Darkness within her father in check. When a powerful trade lord makes her an offer she can’t refuse, her desperation leads her into a world of corrupt sorcerers vying for power, and she is faced with a choice: think of herself and her family, or the fate of the entire Shining Continent.

In a world where magic flows as freely as water, and dragons hunt those greedy enough to acquire more than their share, Darkness is a threat that always lies beneath the surface. Can Sami get the job done and save her father without bringing Darkness and Dragons down upon everyone?

Sins of the Poet is a fast-paced and exciting introduction to the epic fantasy world of The Shining Continent. If you like Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Name of the Wind, complex magic systems and high adventure, you’ll love Sins of the Poet.

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