Series: The Witch of Cheyne Heath #3
Published by: Dedo Press
Release Date: November 15, 2020
Genre: , , ,
ISBN13: 978-0-9771733-6-5 (eBook)/978-0-9771733-7-2 (paperback)

A mad scientist, a spiteful two-headed dragon, and a parliament of sorcerers intent on wiping out witchcraft.

The things a modern witch has to put up with to get the job done!

Gosha Armitage never thought she’d turn down a person in need, but some jobs are more trouble than they’re worth. When a firm of sorcerers asks her to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a famous painter, her first instinct is to turn her back and walk away, but with mounting bills and an ex-husband intent on ruining her, she reluctantly takes the case. As the investigation leads her deep into the nightlife of Cheyne Heath and the shocking persecution of gay men by the police for no other reason than daring to be themselves, she uncovers a dark conspiracy that threatens the safety of every living soul in London. Can Gosha evade the Machiavellian sorcerous elite of Britain long enough to find the missing painter and foil the hidden power intent on spreading deadly corruption through the city?

Spellshock is the third installment in The Witch of Cheyne Heath supernatural mystery series from author W. V. Fitz-Simon. If you like drag queens and queer magic, mayhem and intrigue, and witches who refuse to take no for an answer, you’ll love this arch and cozy spellpunk adventure. Buy Spellshock and step into the fabulous, treacherous world of Cheyne Heath today.

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