Waking the Witch

Waking the Witch book coverSeries: The Witch of Cheyne Heath #1
Published by: Dedo Press
Release Date: September 17, 2020
Genre: , , ,
ISBN13: 978-0-9771733-2-7 (eBook)/978-0-9771733-3-4 (paperback)

Welcome to Cheyne Heath, where sorcerers scheme and witches are the only ones who will stand in their way. Hope you survive the visit!

“A refreshing take on Urban Fantasy with unique magic and an engaging mystery.” Fanfiaddict.com

Waking the Witch is a thrilling supernatural mystery in the tradition of Midnight Riot and Witches of Lychford. If you like Absolutely Fabulous, Terry Pratchett's Witches of Lancre, and complex mother-daughter relationships, you'll love this arch and cozy spellpunk adventure.

London, 1980: To Gosha Armitage, magic is a four-letter word, but in her mother's world of witchcraft, words have power, power Gosha will sacrifice everything to acquire. When a murderous sorcerer masquerading as a New Age guru conspires to consume the life force of her best friend, the reluctant witch has no choice but to embrace her heritage, submit to her mother's caustic authority, and descend into a clandestine world of magic and intrigue with only her wits, five spells, and her favorite lipstick to help her. After a lifetime denying her connection to witchcraft, will Gosha learn to trust her mother's training in time to save her friend?

Waking the Witch is the first installment in the 4-part The Witch of Cheyne Heath supernatural mystery series from author W. V. Fitz-Simon. Buy Waking the Witch and step into the glamorous, enigmatic, dangerous world of Cheyne Heath today!

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