“Sigit Sigit” Johnny Suharto

‘Sigit Sigit’ Johnny Suharto: Gosha’s closest friend and confidant. A talented performer destined for great things. Truly great things.

Marc Almond

Lead singer of Soft Cell in the eighties, Almond has gone on to have a substantial solo career into the present day. There is something essentially queer about Marc Almond in the most creative way. There’s never any question that you’re in for an interesting time when he walks onstage.

I was obsessed with Soft Cell and Marc Almond when I was in high school. Too terrified at that point to have much introspection about my queerness (in a time when the word, ‘queer’, had yet to be reclaimed), I gravitated toward flamboyant queer icons. Marc Almond’s music bridged my goth sensibilities with my voracious appetite for anything remotely queer and glam. Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, Soft Cell’s first album, and my collection of Marc Almond B-Sides were the soundtrack to many months at boarding school. I spent several weekends locked in the sound booth in the school theater trying to record pastiches of “Tainted Love” and “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.”

Raja Gemini

Raja Gemini was the season 3 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I love drag in general, having grown up around every possible variety of it. Raja embodies true eclecticism, drawing in all sorts of cultural and fashion influences that I wanted for Johnny as a performer.

Adam Ant

Adam ant is talented and glam, and certainly easy on the eyes, though not as queer as Johnny, but he exists at kind of an intersection between Marc Almond and Raja Gemini. And he looks good in makeup.

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