Playlist: Cindytalk – Camouflage Heart

I’ve always had a soft spot for droney avant-garde music, and I went through a very big Goth phase when I was a teenager and into my early twenties, and these two came together in my love for this one album by the band Cindytalk. The lead singer, Cindy Sharp, sang on one of my favorite records ever, “It’ll End In Tears” by This Mortal Coil, which must be the reason why I bought this album when I cam across it at the Rough Trade Store just off the Portobello Road.

Listening to Camouflage was an intense and harrowing experience, which turned out to be a perfect background mood for the writing of Paint it Black. I had this album, and especially the song “Disintegrate…” on repeat in my headphones while I was working.

Here’s a playlist featuring the entire album:

And here’s “Disintegrate…”, which is a bit more melodic than the other tracks:

If all of this is too much for you (and I don’t blame you if it is), here’s Cindy Sharp on “Kangaroo,” a lovely track from This Mortal Coil, and singing background vocals on the Cocteau Twins song, “Dear Heart.

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